Carlos Eguiguren


Reality + Surrealism = New Realism. Today ́s world is surreal as real.

If we accept this concept as true, which we can explain through some of the papers written on new reality, such as those by Philosophers, Scientist, Neurosciences, Physicist, and Noetic Sciences, surrealism and digital images are true and in that sense my interest is to study how surrealistic art is or will have a voice in today ́s world, even if we are going through an era of transition.

Physicist has demonstrated a connection between the observer and artwork in similar terms. While modernity has adopted a dualistic stance towards the nature of reality, concerning the relation between mind and body, transformation envisioned by the new paradigm literature includes recognition of the underlying unity of all things and the inseparability of our inner and outer worlds ( Lemkow, 1990; Woodhouse 1996). This is generating a critical change in the dominant scientific paradigm towards a worldview in which consciousness is viewed as “casual”.

(Harman 1998:30) explains that this perspective “find the ultimate stuff of the universe to be consciousness. Mind (or consciousness, or spirit) is primary, and matter-energy arises in some sense out of the mind. The physical world is supposed to be to the greater mind as a dream image is to the individual mind. Ultimately the reality behind the phenomenal world is contacted, not through the physical senses, but through deep intuition. Consciousness is not the end –product of material evolution; rather, consciousness was here first”.
This is in line with the concept of philosopher David Chalmers who explains his concept of new reality in his book Reality + , his point of view is that your reality is real for you even if you are supposed to be living in a world that seems virtual to me and the experience that you live in that virtual scenario is as real as the reality we all can conceive. This happens because your conscious and emotions accept that, as real. Even more how do we know that the world is not a virtual place manipulated from outer energies?

Around 1996 when photography changed from analog to digital, I realize that a new world had been born. The manipulation of bits let you change the “real image” to an equally “new real image”. I started to learn the new possibilities of what could be done on the screen. This new image, which is a virtual thing, could be printed and become a real object. Also, the digital image can be a real thing available for collectors and people on the go. (Nft`s) Art is the language of feelings and consciousness, so surrealism has a real status as much as any other form of art.

I believe that there are several kinds of realities; there are personal realities and collective realities, collective realities are those realities that we can touch (nature, buildings, objects, etc.) and other such as political realities, are those made by governments to improve people's life. Also social media is a new reality in communication. Personal reality is the reality that is part of your consciousness, feelings, dreams, ideas; these, are thoughts as if they were your own reality that are different from others. In my own reality, surrealist art is part of my self that can become a collective reality when is exposed to the public.


 He was born in a family where his uncle Carlos Faz was a prominent artist who died at a very young age, he was named after him. Somehow this invited him to follow his uncle steps.

So at age 19-studied art for a short period at Universidad Catolica, Chile. Then he got a job as photographer at a local fashion magazine for a couple of years, later on he moved to N.Y.C. and worked as an independent photographer, (this was the best training you could get)

His work has been shown on different galleries and museums.

Today he resides in Santiago, Chile.

For Carlos art is a way of living, it is everywhere, nature, food, objects, etc.

He does art as part of enjoying life, and being able to share it with other people is the best of rewards.

Surrealism,Humor, mysteries, dark, color, is part of his stories.


Was born in Santiago Chile in 1955, 

1976 decided to become a photographer after studying Art at Universidad Catolica Chile. He started as

an assistant to Chilean photographer Roberto Edwards at Paula magazine

1979 migrated to New York.

During the 14 years that he lived and worked in New York city as a photographer he established friendship  and made portraits of Artist: as Paul Jenkins, Claudio Bravo, Milton Glaser, Musicians: as Astor Piazzolla , Janos Starker, Paul Winters, Mitch Miller, Eugene Friesen, Photographers: as Gordon Parks, Alfred Eisaensted, Arnold Newman, Jack Lowe, Gregory Heisler, Evelyn Hoffer, Amy Arbus, William Wegman


  Solo Exhibits.

1990 Exhibit at Praxis Gallery Santiago Chile Nudes on Polaroid 20x24

2004 Exhibit at Marlborough Gallery Transluces Santiago   Chile

2008 Exhibit his work Estructuras at the Museum Nacional de Bellas Artes Chile.

2010 Exhibit the series Valparaiso at Patricia Ready Art Gallery.

2014 Exhibit his work HABITAT at Artespacio Gallery.Santiago Chile

 Group Shows.

He was invited to exhibit his work at the Centre International Dart Contemporain Paris

2011 Invited to Atlanta USA, to participate on Art Above Underground.

2014 He was invited to show his work at Pinta Art Fair Miami,Florida

2016 Exhibit his work at ART SANTIAGO, art fair at GAM Cultural Center Gabriela Mistral

2016 Invited to Bienal de Arte Contemporaneo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, at Cultural Center Jorge Luis Borges 

2016 invited to the 6th Biennale at Jinan, China.

2018-2019 International Contemporary Art Exhibition ¨ in Transition¨

2019 exhibition at Musée de peinture de Saint-Frajou  

2020 exhibition at Musée de peinture de Saint-Frajou  

2021 Online exhibit at Vacant Museum ( Familiar Strangers )

2021 Online exhibition at Musée de peinture de Saint-Frajou    

Personal Books.

2008 Publish his first personal book “30 años de fotografía” ( 30 years of photography )

2009 Published his second book “Bocetos de Valparaíso.”

This book is about his digital work of Valparaiso, Chile.


Contact: carloseguiguren@gmail.com